So recently I’ve learnt a very special lesson that I think must be shared with others. You must be wondering what the hell is up with the title and how am I gonna turn coffee into a lesson. so I'll just go ahead and start…

Let's say that you are holding a cup of coffee in your hand, and someone bumps into you, making the coffee spill out.

The question is “why?” Why did the coffee spill out? Like me, you might be thinking that's because the person bumped into you! or because you were not looking or maybe your grip wasn't tight enough on the cup. But none of these is the right answer!

The coffee spilled because there was coffee in the cup. If there was coke in the cup, it'll spill out or if there was milk, it'll spill out. See, the point is, whatever is in the cup will come out. It’s the same as us humans, whatever we are inside will come out. whether it’s through the words we speak or through our actions.

So I guess if I'm putting it into a real-life situation, then……in order to improve our outside world we first need to improve our insides. So basically, the result should be spilling out positivity and confidence instead of negativity and self-doubt!

well, that's all I have to say for now,

signing off,

Queen Mahnoor